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YesGP, “Youth Empowerment and Strategic Goal Planning” is intended to motivate and empower individuals to kindle their hearts and minds to make a better impact in their life’s. In my life, Motivation played a significant role. Still, I remember, when I attended my first interview in 2009, interviewer given me a feedback saying that “10th standard student speaks English better than me”. My performance was bad not only because of worst communication skills, but because of the fear due to inferiority complex I developed. There was time when I failed to tell my name and returned hopeless from interviews. Another side of my life was with financial issues. As I was conscious about my low confidence levels, I tried to boost my confidence levels in spite of the obstacles I was facing. Today, I am a Software Engineer in one of the tech giants in the world. For many this could be a simple milestone to reach but I had to fight with the circumstances to pursue this opportunity. This would not be possible without motivation.

I believe every one needs motivation. If one’s life is restored as desired, one can experience the difference. Below video is one of the reasons behind my intension to run this blog.

Source of Motivation
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